Ready for school: diy box pencil case


At this time of year I always plan on making a pencil case or two for the girls to have in their school bags but this year is the first time I have actually got… Read The Post


Instagram Takeover: Organic Surge


I am not a big buyer of beauty products and tend to stick to a simple routine when it comes to looking after my skin. A change in this usually leads to breakouts and I… Read The Post

Life Lately

Life Lately. August.

I haven’t done a ‘life lately’ post in ages.  I love reflecting back on old posts and noticing things about our girls that have developed and changed…the things I haven’t noticed that have been left behind… Read The Post


summer salads.


Ok, I know that summer is drawing to a close and the Autumn is about to show herself in all her glory but just before she does, I wanted to indulge in a few summer… Read The Post

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eco linen food bag.

linen eco bag

I have a pet hate. It’s a pretty inconsequential pet hate but it is one none the less! I loathe the plastic bags at fruit shops. All the value I feel in going is tarnished… Read The Post

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The Loire

Chateau D'Ussé

Every year I feel a bit of a draw. We talk over where we could go but I always feel a tug back to the Loire. I love it. The tiny villages and local shops…. Read The Post

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Hydrangea love. Styling the seasons.


I can’t quite believe it’s the end of July…I hadn’t intended to take a month’s sabbatical from the blog but it ended up that way and I have enjoyed the break! July has been great;… Read The Post


This week. The Little Things.

Hydrangea Coffee

To be honest…this week as well as much of this month has gone past in a blur. June is just so busy with end of term activities and jobs to be done as the holidays… Read The Post


a practical guide to camping as a family.

Camping Guide

This weekend we take our tent and head to France to camp for a few weeks. We love camping. I should emphasise that, while we live in Ireland…we probably love camping in France, where the… Read The Post


diy easy elderflower wreath.

elderflower basket

I love wreaths…I’ve never thought of making them through the year and I don’t know why. I absolutely loved making my hydrangea wreath back in the autumn and it is still resting in our bathroom…. Read The Post